Excess Inventory Management

Excess Inventory Management

Do you find it hard to boost your operational efficiency? Not a problem; AGT got you covered! We will also help you recover as much capital as possible.

Having an excess inventory due to market fluctuation or obsolescence make manufacturers face a complex set of options, such as:

  • Selling off the inventory at not ideal prices 
  • Tying up the warehouse space 
  • Writing off and disposing of the inventory at the end of the year 

On the other hand, Asset Green Tech has a better choice for you. More and more organizations realize the value in their products, and they take advantage of excess inventory management solutions. 

AGT will help you hold your surplus inventory in our warehouse while searching for interested buyers. Our flexible excess inventory management approach helps many manufacturers boost their operational efficiency while recovering their capital.

Understandably, many organizations find it challenging to manage their excess inventories. That is why we are here to help you manage those excess inventories through our revenue-generating and cost-saving solutions.

With our leveraged internal systems, industry expertise, and market demands, our customers can achieve the highest returns and highest integrity level.

Custom Excess Inventory Management Solutions 

We customize excess inventory management solutions to meet each of our customer’s unique requirements. We will help you take control over your surplus inventory, resulting in an enhanced bottom line. You can also get the maximum returns on your investment. 

You can contact us to plan and design the inventory management solutions addressing all your obsolete or excess inventory concerns.

We provide various types of inventory management solutions, where each solution is suitable for a specific situation. These options include:


With this solution, surplus inventories are placed in warehouses owned and operated by third parties. The sellers continue to ow those transferred products until being sold at the best possible prices.


If manufacturers choose this solution, the whole excess inventory is offered and sold at a bulk rate. It helps empty the warehouse as quickly as possible, but the products are sold at a steep loss.

Line Item Purchasing 

Surplus inventories are sold individually. This option is slow and costly.

Let Asset Green Tech Handle Your Excess Inventory Management Concerns 

Our extensive inventory management systems, global reach, and warehouses allow us to quickly and efficiently fill orders. We strictly implement anti-counterfeit measures by thoroughly inspecting and digitally photographing each item prior to stocking. 

We also enforce various inspection programs to detect or reject counterfeit parts. Our customers can take advantage of our personalized excess inventory management solutions. Our years of experience in the industry combined with an extensive global network allow us to find hard-to-find parts and end-of-life components. Our customers can expect an unmatched response time while filling orders.

Contact us today, and we will solve your excess inventory management concerns!